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Promotional and Marketing Street Teams

Promotional Street Representation

Imagine your event, product, or business being talked about on the street, generating conversation, interest, and excitement all for you. The next wave in on-site advertising is Promotional Street Representation, and CityPostering.com can provide you with the knowledgeable, dynamic, and motivational representatives that can get your product or service noticed and engage your target market.

How it Works

Street Team Case Study Spotlight:

CityPostering.com uses pairs of vibrant and dynamic woman and men to walk targeted, high-traffic neighbourhoods downtown or at a specific location and promote your product. These promotional pairs will hand out flyers, posters or samples and talk up your product to potential customers. The representatives working on your account will be knowledgeable about your product or service and will be able to answer customer questions in a courteous, prompt, and engaging manner. These representatives will also promote your business directly by providing your contact information such as phone numbers and website addresses to potential customers.

Our team is focused on a soft sell or can engage customers depending on what you need!

Reach Out:

  • Target consumers who are already out of the house shopping after work or on the weekends
  • Generate a buzz about your product or service
  • Get results most traditional advertisements fail to achieve
  • Plant seeds in your market with friendly faces and memorable conversations

We have worked with clients that have included dating events and websites, beauty products and samples, product launches, fashion sales, and even boot camps.

When you contract with us for a street product representation campaign, you'll receive our everyday low rates (minimum two representatives at six hours each). With value like that and the benefits of street product representation at your disposal, you'll wonder how you did business without this exciting service. Contact us today to learn how our Toronto street team and Vancouver street team service can help you promote your business, product, or event today. Add street team marketing to your overall marketing budget. You'll be glad you did.


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