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Postering is a cost effective way to get your message into the hands of your target audience no matter what size your business is! CityPostering.com offers pinpoint targeted in-your-face advertising in three flavours: Micro-Biz, Business, and Corporate.

CityPostering.com clients get the most value for their money. Postering is less expensive than almost every other form of advertising out there and there is no better way to expose your brand to a receptive, localized audience. Huge brands have risen from obscurity because of one great poster campaign yours is next!

Poster Campaign Flavours


These postering packages are designed for small businesses that want to raise awareness in selected zones in Toronto and/or Vancouver. You select one or more prescribed zone from our maps, and we'll make regular runs along our routes in those zones, keeping your posters fresh.


For those of you who want to fine tune the poster routes and enjoy the option of exclusivity on your route, this is your option. You can be more selective in your target market, and launch your new product or event with complete saturation of localized areas.


This is the whole nine yards. Comprehensive customization of large routes with a high poster volume and the option for exclusive coverage. Everyone you want to see your poster WILL see your poster, several times a day. This is the perfect option for a custom, multi-phase poster campaign. Hook a huge audience, tell them what you've got, and close them all with posters.

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No matter what your budget, you'll reach your market.

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