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CityPostering.com specializes in an extremely fast method of spreading your message through our postering services within Toronto and Vancouver. Our experience includes promoting for a variety of major motion picture releases and film festivals …» read more

Ad & Media Agency Postering

First Poster Campaign Discount Up to $300! Change the way people think about your client. Reach media-resistant demographics with alternative advertising. Save thousands on media distribution costs. Launch your client's next campaign on the streets with …» read more

Recreation and Learning

CityPostering.com has helped recreational and learning centres promote their classes and events through our postering services. We've worked with Yoga schools, Driving Schools, Ballroom and Dancing establishments get their name out to the public …» read more

Bars and Entertainment

CityPostering.com is one of the city's leading postering and guerilla marketing services. We have a deep understanding of what's needed to promote your licensed establishment or Entertainment establishment within the city of Toronto and Vancouver. Over …» read more


At CityPostering.com we believe in the idea of giving back to the community and to good causes. This is one of the reasons we work with non-profits and the events they put on. In the past we've promoted Casey House events, breast cancer awareness …» read more

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