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Campus-Corporate Partnership Plan

College and university student consumers represent a ripe opportunity for all kinds of producers and service providers. The majority of post-secondary students are in a position of independence for the first time in their lives. They have complete autonomy, and are at a prime age for setting routines concerning product choice and spending habits. Who could ask for a more perfect time to influence a consumer?

Campus Postering

Students spend the majority of their time on campus – many of them live there. And yet, typically, traditional advertising is completely absent from most campuses. A huge opportunity is being overlooked. A school campus offers an extremely high density of exposure for any form of advertising, but particularly posters. A typical office worker will spend 8 hours sitting in one place, leaving perhaps once to walk to a restaurant. A student's day has him or her changing locations every few hours to attend a class across campus or to walk to the library to study. Students cover a lot of campus ground each and every day – which means plenty of exposure to posters on campus. And your posters don't quit after the school day – night students and adult students attend courses in the evenings.

The Target Market

Students should never be overlooked as a target market. This is the opportunity to solidify your brand's relationship with consumers during the last major stage of psychological development. Here are some important things to note about students as consumers:

  • early adopters of new products and technology
  • influencers among friends and family
  • influencing this market early can increase your long-term client base
  • most have discretionary income
  • intelligent consumers
  • easy access and exposure to this market
  • very little competition for student's eyes at their schools


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